A market network connecting businesses & organizations with the best of startup innovation.
Bricleir is a collaborative platform that connects users through automated and white glove product matching, open marketplace initiatives, and events. We provide the foundation to help unlock business opportunities and partnerships across industries, geographies, and investor portfolios.
Tailored innovation for your business
Discover the top innovative products, services, and partners that are relevant to you and your business.

Our open initiatives marketplace allows the community and our associates to share ideas and solutions for specific problems that our business community is facing.

Browse events that are relevant to you (e.g. conferences, intimate dinners) or share your own with the option to target specific users and manage the guest list on our platform.

Discover innovative products and/or services that match your current needs. As your business grows, we'll make additional suggestions and help you determine what should be on your roadmap!

Manage the innovative partnership workflow for you and/or your clients with the help of our software, providing you with an end-to-end solution.
It starts with a conversation
Want startup innovation?

We help you make sense of the startup innovation landscape. Simply tell us about your business and we'll provide you with the workflow, network, and guided recommendations and/or purchases to streamline your B2B partnership process.

Should you require a more custom project solution, we'll help you draft an open initiative and connect with those in our network who can help.

Constantly receiving emails about whether you have a specific solution in your portfolio that can help? Share your Bricleir profile and allow others to "shop" your portfolio.

Want to collaborate and share your insights with large business customers about the solutions they should be deploying or looking for in their industry? Browse open initiatives and chime in or suggest solutions.

Get your product or service in front of the right customers at the right time. We make it easy for businesses to connect with you during their discovery and matchmaking process.

You can suggest your offering for relevant open marketplace initiatives, apply to attend events (e.g. intimate demo days, conferences), or highlight your offering to your target users on the platform.

Are you a service provider (e.g. legal, accounting) supporting our network of startups, businesses, and investors? Interested in showcasing your current clients to others or getting in front of new ones?

As a service provider, you'll also receive insight & trends that are valuable to you and the opportunity to share your events with the community.

"Bricleir helps us get in front of retailers of all sizes who are looking for a last-mile logistics solution at that moment and introduces us to businesses who may not have heard about a solution like ours before."
Daphne Carmeli
CEO Deliv
"With the investor functionality on Bricleir, I can efficiently manage and share my portfolio with businesses looking to find credible matches. I can also suggest initiatives for other users to help them discover innovation as quickly as I'm learning about it."
Tim Connors
PivotNorth Capital
"The platform allows me to receive warm leads organically. Investors, startups, and other businesses in the know along with the Bricleir team can recommend our service to others as crowdsourced business development!"
Chris Macomber
CEO WhoKnows