Bricleir | Pilot Opportunity: Reducing Touches Surrounding the
Pilot Opportunity: Reducing Touches Surrounding the Splicing Process
Procter & Gamble
Closed: Submissions closed on 5/14/2021
Unmet Need | Partnership Opportunity

Business Background: 

Recently, P&G has focused many initiatives on bringing more automation into their supply chain. This particular business challenge focuses on reducing touches in the diaper manufacturing line. By doing so, P&G can increase productivity and reduce the manpower effort required to run each line. Currently, the process is as follows: 

  1. When low, roll diameter sensors report a roll must be replaced. 
  2. Disconnect and remove the used / partially used roll. Place core in bin/bucket for disposal 
  3. New roll is delivered to the side of the splicer 
  4. Quality control via warehouse inventory system checks if material is the correct material 
  5. Lift roll to spindle, taking care to check roll unwrap direction, as it varies by spindle 
  6. Tape removed from end of roll 
  7. Thread end of material around idles per the predetermined path 
  8. Clamp material tight and checks feed to confirm edge of material is in correct position 
  9. Operator initializes machine to resume 

Business Challenge / Needs Definition: 

P&G is looking for technology that will reduce the number of touches required to receive, load, thread and unload rolls onto a splicer. It is important to note that each line has multiple splicers, and each material has a set threading procedure that must be followed. Each line has a set rate of material consumption, but the set rate varies based on the size of the lines. 

An ideal solution will meet the following requirements: 

  • Meet tight space constraints of manufacturing line with minimal permanent footprint 
  • Strength to handle and lift 40+ lb. rolls 
  • Ability to load a new roll onto spindle at varying heights 
  • Ability to unload an unused or partially used roll 
  • Compatible with different spindle diameters 
  • Ability to thread roll through idlers and into splicer 
  • Communicate to onboard PLC 
  • Communicate to warehouse management system for material verification and consumption 
  • Meet OSHA and P&G HSE Standards 

The regional focus of this brief is North America and pilot activations will initially be focused the United States. Startups applying must have a presence or the ability to immediately activate in the United States, but ideally have the ability to activate at scale in Europe as well. 

Relevant technology domains may include, but are not limited to:

  • Warehouse Robotics 
  • AGVs, AMRs and AIVs 
  • Custom Robotic Solutions 
  • Automated splicing equipment 
  • Automated material storage & handling 
  • Digital integration scope 

ROI expectations

The Ask:
If you have ideas and supporting technologies that you believe can deliver disruptive services & solutions to this challenge, we want to hear/partner with you. Where there is a good fit, we are looking to drive agile in- market pilots in the United States with the goal of scaling successful services & solutions. All ideas and submissions will be fully reviewed by our team.


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