Bricleir | Catering Service Innovation / Virtual Orders & Delivery
Catering Service Innovation / Virtual Orders & Delivery
Closed: Submissions closed on 7/31/2021
Unmet Need | Business Model, Intro Support, Partnership Opportunity

We're looking to learn about and potentially partner with innovative tech-enabled solutions that support our catering services, including but not limited to placing virtual orders and delivery. We work with a wide range of clients and will continue to keep nutrition and sustainability in mind when incorporating new solutions. 

Have a suggestion for who we should be looking at? Trends we should be incorporating? Creative new business models that we should be taking advantage of?

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catering, food and beverage delivery, hospitality

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Community Suggestions

Tim Connors
7 months ago
Sodexo feeds folks at the office. Sun Basket can help them feed remote workers who are working from home.
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