Bricleir | Open Call for Solutions - Pallet Movement & Picking
Open Call for Solutions - Pallet Movement & Picking Automation
Procter & Gamble
Closed: Submissions closed on 6/21/2021
Unmet Need | Partnership Opportunity

Business Background: 

P&G business in AMA is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The challenge now is to improve productivity as volume increases from production line as well as demand on customer shipments. 

Today, full pallet movement operations (to and from racks) in AMA are designed as per the basic normal process of inbound put- away and outbound picking for local shipments. This includes 

  • Unloading pallets from and Loading pallets onto trucks 

  • Moving inbound pallets from unloading to racks 

  • Picking cases and/or pallets from racks and transporting to loading areas or line operations 

  • There have been initial efforts to improve productivity, such as implementing zoning apps; however, none of these efforts involved automation. The desired solution will automate existing processes or eliminate the need for non-critical processes. 

Business Challenge / Needs Definition:

P&G is looking for partners that can help launch affordable automated innovation to achieve a significant headcount reduction while improving productivity inbound and outbound operations in DC by April 2022. 

ROI expectations

Below are some example areas of interest but the business is open to other creative responses:

• Picking Automation (incl. software solutions)
• Robotic Loading/Unloading Systems
• Robotic Indoor Transportation Systems
• Warehouse Layout & Operations Optimization
• Piece Picking
• Voice Picking
• Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
• Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV)
• Scanning Tools & Wearables
• Palletizing solutions
• Smart Pallet
• Smart Forklift

The desired outcome is a pilot or partnership with P&G to show proof of concept (POC) of the solution. The partner must be able to activate immediately in the Philippines and/or Japan. If successful, the pilot solution or partnership could lead to a longer-term relationship across multiple markets.

The Ask:
If you have ideas and supporting technologies that you believe can deliver disruptive services & solutions to this challenge, we want to hear/partner with you. Where there is a good fit, we are looking to drive agile in-market pilots in AMA with the goal of scaling successful services & solutions. All ideas and submissions will be fully reviewed by our team.

Search keywords
pallet, picking, logistics, supply chain, robotics, warehouse


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