Bricleir | Open Call for Ideas and Solutions: Food Cycle Management
Open Call for Ideas and Solutions: Food Cycle Management
Procter & Gamble
Closed: Submissions closed on 7/30/2021
Unmet Need | Partnership Opportunity, Direct Investment

Business Background: 

P&G Ventures partners with external technology companies and startups to create new businesses in categories where P&G does not currently compete. Food waste is a big economic, social, and environmental problem with a significant portion of waste generated at the household level. PGV is looking for solutions that can enable consumers to better utilize the food they buy so they waste less and even give the food waste that is created a second useful life beyond becoming trapped in a landfill. 

Business Challenge / Needs Definition: 

P&G Ventures would like to explore enabling technologies for the following jobs-to-be-done in the Food Cycle Management space: 

  • Consumables that inhibit produce spoilage to keep produce fresher for longer under typical household storage conditions (i.e. + refrigerator, + countertop) 

  • Consumables that monitor real-time food spoilage (meat, fish, produce) 

  • Consumables that monitor and/or help retain nutritional content of food over time 

  • Consumables that are safety and regulatory approved for cleaning & sanitizing whole produce in the home 

  • Consumables that help transform food waste into something of tangible value for consumers 

  • Consumables that help upcycle food waste in a “frictionless” way, by reducing time, effort, skill, and any potential odor or vermin issues

The geographic focus of this brief is global, with a primary emphasis on the US and China. 

ROI expectations

The Ask:
If you have ideas and supporting technologies that you believe can be disruptive and are looking to drive agile in-market pilots across the world with the goal of scaling successful services & solutions, our team will be happy to work with you. All ideas and submissions will be fully reviewed by our team. We want to hear from you and partner with you.

Relevant technology domains may include, but are not limited to:
• Ethylene blockers/absorbers
• Predictive AI
• Edible coatings
• Essential Oils
• Printed Electronics
• Modified Atmosphere
• Food waste conversion
• Bacteriaphages
• Slow release
• Chlorine Dioxide
• Composting
• Fermentation

Search keywords
food and beverage, food cycle, environmental health, composting


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