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Search for New Clienteling System
Large Enterprise/Fortune 500/Global 2000, retail
Closed: Submissions closed on 11/27/2021
Unmet Need | Partnership Opportunity

We're looking for a new clienteling system. The main features we are looking for, on top of the “base” clienteling features, would be:

-live chat (text and video)
-ability for the customers to choose a specific staff to talk to (i.e. pick their preferred salesperson)
-ability for the customers to make an appointment in advance with a specific staff
-ability for staff to proactively reach out to customers

This solution will be for Japan, at least at first, so the solution needs to be available in Japanese. Ideally, the solution also offers system support available during Japanese business hours. Already having live customers in Japan would be a huge plus. Something close to Hero would be worth exploring. 

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clienteling, Japan

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