Bricleir | Evaluating Joint Venture Partnerships in IT
Evaluating Joint Venture Partnerships in IT
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Closed: Submissions closed on 11/30/2021
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We are considering ways to leapfrog our IT capacity by considering a joint venture with IT companies where our hope is they send their IT engineers / talent to the joint venture while co-owning the benefits and mitigating risks of pursuing a merger. M&A would be difficult for us given our strong culture and wanting of control of ways of work etc.

Some examples we've seen recently in the news: –Shiseido and Accenture, - Toyota and FPT) recently.
We'd love to connect with teams who could be a great fit and/or folks who can provide thoughts on this approach such as:

What are the pros and cons of a JV that we should keep in mind? What makes JVs successful v.s. not, especially in the context of IT capacity expansion?

Any best practices you are aware of that we should study that have successfully achieved IT capacity growth via JVs?

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