Bricleir | Automate and Improve EC Fulfillment Centers
Automate and Improve EC Fulfillment Centers
Large Enterprise/Fortune 500/Global 2000, retail
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We have already built automated warehouses in Japan and elsewhere, using “traditional” shuttle and conveyor systems. 

This is working well, but the team is looking for ways to automate and improve even further, in 3 areas in particular:

  1. Inbound volume intake: currently our products come from China and elsewhere in cardboards, but we need them in totes / plastic boxes for storage in the warehouse. Slicing the boxes open and putting the contents in a tote is now done manually, which is not efficient. The team has tried some automation with cutters, but it ended up damaging the items in the boxes.

  2. Conveyor or transportation optimization: after the shuttle system retrieves the necessary totes from the storage area, currently, a very long and complex conveyor system brings the tote to the picking station. But given our huge volume and the relatively slow speed of picking, we end up having bottlenecks on the conveyor belt, which can, in turn, create deadlocks (i.e. a picker waiting for an item to complete an order, but that tote cannot reach the picking station because the conveyor is filled with other totes waiting to be picked).

    A. One hypothesis for this is some type of AGV or AMR picking up the tote from the shuttle and bringing it to the picking station, with more flexibility in the movements between the storage area and picking station, hence avoiding deadlocks (getting rid of the shuttle system altogether is not an option, so a pure ASRS system like Kiva / Autostore / Attabotics, etc. is not an option)

    B. Another hypothesis is that this may be solvable through software only (a more robust WES or WMS)

  3. Hanging storage: some of the products we have to store on hangers (coats etc.), but we currently don’t have a good automated way to do that and it is still done manually in a separate area of the warehouse.

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Ireland Carter
about 1 year ago
-Bricleir Network Recommendation -Dexterous robotic systems for logistics and supply chains, which allow customers to unlock the maximum value of their workforce by automating repetitive pick-pack tasks -Deliver full-stack, end-to-end systems for kitting, picking, packing, counting, sorting, palletizing, and order fulfillment -Handles packaged foods, consumer packaged goods, industrial & automotive parts, parcels, and boxes -F500 Verified
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