Bricleir | Unmet Need: Creating a Better Experience for People with
Unmet Need: Creating a Better Experience for People with Disabilities to Discover, Shop, and Use Products More Independently
Procter & Gamble
Closed: Submissions closed on 9/17/2021
Unmet Need | Partnership Opportunity

Business Background: 

People with disabilities represent the largest minority group with 1.3 billion people and an estimated global disposable income of $1.2 trillion. However, this group is often an overlooked and underserved segment who experience needs and pain points that are typically ahead of the market. This forces them to become sharp problem solvers that devise their own creative solutions to everyday obstacles. P&G recognizes the need to be much more deliberate about understanding and serving the needs of these consumers, and through that, building our brands’ growth and trust with this large consumer base, as well as elevating product usage and brand experiences for all consumers.

Business Challenge / Needs Definition: 

P&G aims to build the world’s most trusted and valued brands, and we believe in serving all people inclusively, bringing visibility to their uniqueness. P&G aims to be a force for good and growth to build a better world for people with disabilities. We need to consider these consumers in brand-building activities such as communication, product & packaging design, social media, e-commerce & in-store to ensure consumer delight and superior experience for not only these consumers, but for all. 

How can P&G help these consumers feel empowered to achieve the home, look, and self-care that they want independently? How can we, through our products and brands, enable people with disabilities to better discover, shop, and use our brands, and ultimately delight all consumers with these better solutions? 

P&G is looking to better serve consumers with disabilities by: 

  • Making our products easy to discover, shop, and purchase - both digitally and physically 

  • Making our products easy to use once they are purchased 

  • Helping these consumers to achieve the home, the look, and the self-care that they want 

  • P&G is looking to surface how modern businesses are communicating and making their messages and products easy to access as well as the startups and technologies powering them. The goal is to identify technologies and partners that P&G’s brands can execute in-market pilots. 

  • The geographic focus for this project is the US and Europe. Start-ups applying should have a presence and the ability to pilot in one of these markets. 

Relevant technology domains may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Digital Accessibility Innovations (Online and Ecommerce Inclusivity and Accessibility) 
  • Packaging Innovation (smart packaging, AR/VR for visually/physically impaired) 
  • Home / In-store solutions (Robotics, Shelves, Displays) 
  • Digital Personal Assistants, Voice & Audio Assistance 
  • Assistive Technology Devices 
  • Connected Technology / IoT (in-home, out of home, in-store, online, etc.) 
  • Accessible Advertising 
  • Interactive/Immersive Retail Tech (interactive retail displays) 
  • Other

ROI expectations

The Ask:
If you have a solution that addresses this challenge, we want to hear from you. Please submit a summary of your solution, approach and/or technology and indicate how you would propose piloting your solution with P&G. All ideas and submissions will be thoroughly reviewed and where there is a good fit, we are looking to drive agile and rapid in-market pilots with the goal of scaling successful services & solutions.

Search keywords
disability, packaging, user experience, cpg, inclusivity, accessibility


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