Bricleir | Private Virtual Roundtable on Robotic Systems in Warehouse
Private Virtual Roundtable on Robotic Systems in Warehouse Logistics and Supply Chain Automation
Closed: Submissions closed on 11/12/2021
Unmet Need | Partnership Opportunity, Intro Support, Research

This virtual roundtable is for enterprise execs/teams, ideally, in 1) apparel 2) retail or 3) parcel carrier industries. The final date will be determined based on the selected group's availability.

This intimate virtual roundtable is for a tailored group of fewer than 10 enterprise teams who would be interested in learning more about how the above-mentioned industries are leveraging robotic systems for warehouse logistics and supply chain automation. We'll cover offered solutions for order picking (kitting & fulfillment), sortation, singulation, parcel induction, and mixed case palletization and depalletization.

We'll hear about use cases in these areas from a leading team in this space, Dexterity, and a special guest. You'll have a chance to ask Dexterity questions about the market, the nitty-gritty on use cases, and their offering in general. You'll get a chance to connect with the other enterprise leaders on the call as well. 

Contact or apply on this page when logged into Bricleir to receive an invite to this event. Know someone who should attend? Tag them in the comments or make a private note for your Bricleir team.

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