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SVB March Fundraising Workshop

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Silicon Valley Bank

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Tuesday, March 09, 2021

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST


Looking to master the process of raising a round & meeting VCs?
If you are an early-stage founder preparing to raise capital, please join us at Silicon Valley Bank for our monthly fundraising workshop. This program focuses on how to run an effective process for raising an institutional venture capital round. This month, we will be joined by Andre Maciel, Founder of Volpe Capital, and Julia Figueiredo, Director, Startup Banking - LatAm, for Silicon Valley Bank, who will share their perspectives on the current fundraising environment.

We’ll cover :
-Qualifying Investors
-The most effective ways to generate introductions to VCs
-State of the Market Insights and Fundraising Trends
-Firms that are actively leading/participating in early-stage rounds
-Nuances and common pitfalls in fundraising
-The current state of the markets and what we're hearing

You will also have a chance to trade tips with your peers currently going through the fundraising process as well.

Registration for this event is managed externally.



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