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How Tech Leaders are Building the Future of Business Post-Pandemic

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM PDT


This pandemic has been a blessing and a curse for business, and has been well-documented, has disproportionately negatively impacted women in the workforce.

It has exposed how fragile our general workforce contract is, in terms of supporting working families, and has specifically exposed the disproportionate burden placed on working women. It is no longer possible to ignore the reality that when push comes to shove, the burden of family care and school-aged children primarily falls on working women.
Due to the pandemic, many have exited the workforce. Others find themselves scrambling to figure out how to regain momentum from a career and leadership perspective.

The slow but real progress in advancement to leadership roles and exposure to upper tiers of management may have been interrupted. But has there also been a shift to flattening organizations in ways that perhaps minimized race and gender impacts? Or is this wishful thinking mythology?
In this virtual session, we will hear the lived experiences of three leaders through the pandemic, and gain insight from their work leading organizations through this crisis.

They will address such topics as:

-Lessons learned in shifting to remote work over the past 14 months: the good, the bad, the ugly
-Of the changes experienced that seem positive, will they persist, or will they regress to the “mean” or the old ways of doing things?
-Of the negative/challenging conditions and changes: will these resolve on their own, or do they represent newly-exposed challenges that need to be given fresh attention and priority? Or are they age-old issues that only through the pandemic have become impossible to ignore? And what of that?

We look forward to hearing the exchange of personal stories, insights, and lessons learned!

Diane Tate (Moderator)
Diane is Mozilla’s Senior Manager, Internal Communications and Employer Branding. She previously helped run Mozilla’s WebFWD startup program and has helped startup founders from the WXR Accelerator and Women Who Tech.

Jane Finette
Jane is obsessed with accelerating change at scale through conscious leadership. Her passion, expertise and two decades of experience are anchored at the intersection of technology and human potential. At her core, she empowers individuals and communities to solve the world's largest most persistent and perennial problems.
Today, Jane is the CEO and Co-Founder of be radical, whose purpose helps individuals and organizations build a radically different and positive future. be radical works with people who want to have a massive impact at scale, and who build things that matter.
Some of Jane’s past work includes senior leadership roles at global brands such as eBay, Sotheby's and Mozilla reaching hundreds of millions of users through all stages of growth. She has founded and run large international teams, expanded organizations globally, built products, ran marketing departments and grown large scale open source communities. Jane is also a successful serial entrepreneur and certified CPCC ACC executive coach, and leadership expert.
Jane is the President and Founder of The Coaching Fellowship, a 501c3 non-profit which nurtures and brings together some of the world’s most extraordinary emerging young women leaders in social change. We believe through the combination of leadership development and fellowship; young women leaders will at a crucial point in their career manifest the change they want to be, and see in the world – faster and at an exponentially greater scale.
Jane serves as an advisory board member to social impact organizations, and as a mentor at The Unreasonable Group, Unreasonable at Sea, Semester at Sea, Astia, and many other places.

Martina Welkhoff
Martina is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at the WXR Fund, an early-stage venture fund investing in women-led spatial computing (AR/VR/AI) companies. Prior to launching the fund, WXR hosted an accelerator from which 26 companies have graduated.
Before shifting her full time focus to investing, Martina was an entrepreneur who founded her first company, Zealyst, in 2010. Zealyst was a corporate gaming platform that strategically helped employees to build their professional network and in turn collected data for their employer on culture, morale, and engagement. After 6 years of building Zealyst, Martina founded a virtual reality company called ConveneVR that was focused on pushing the boundaries of social VR. She was inspired to transition into the VR industry after recognizing the unique opportunity the creation of a new computing platform provided for women and underrepresented minorities.
Martina is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and an advisor to the Center for Leadership & Strategic Thinking at the Foster School of Business. From 2013-2017, she served as the board president of Seattle Women in Tech before transitioning the nonprofit to a for-profit company that is scaling the model globally. In 2018, Martina won a Lumiere Award for Distinguished Leadership from the Advanced Imaging Society. She received a BA in English with a minor in Chemistry from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

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