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OneValley Pitch Event: The Future of Fintech

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM PDT


Fintech used to be a term isolated to the board rooms of Fortune 500 companies and Wall Street, but no longer. With the advent of new players on the scene like startups, online investment communities, and institutions, Capitalism in the 21st century is beginning to take on a different shape. On September 28th, OneValley is hosting a virtual pitch in partnership with Figure highlighting eight up-and-coming startups that have found new ways to empower individuals’ financial wellbeing and democratize access to markets worldwide. Selected companies will pitch their startups to 3 partner-level VCs, with the winner receiving $2,000 cash and a free annual Passport / PEP membership! We have a Fireside chat with Asiff Hirji, President of Figure, who will discuss a bit about Figure's success in the Fintech Community and the future of blockchain in our economy!

Speaker: Asiff Hirji, President of FigureAsiff is the President of Figure Technologies, Inc. Prior to Figure, Asiff served as President and COO of Coinbase where he grew the company to over $1 billion in revenue and achieved an $8 billion valuation. Asiff was an Operating Partner with Andreessen Horowitz and previously served as President and COO of TD Ameritrade, growing that business 6x into the nation’s largest online broker. Asiff has also held senior leadership roles with TPG Capital, Saxo Bank, HP, and Bain Capital and has served on a number of public and private boards including Citrix and Advent Software. Asiff is a member of the investment committee for Figure Asset Management.

Pitching Startups:
Benefi -  Benefi is a fintech and lending platform that drives financial inclusion for 30% of the population in North America that are classified as an “Invisible Credit Group (A $6T business globally).
IntelliBonds - Intellibonds end-to-end platform uses AI to automate fixed income investment analysis, decision making and portfolio management.
EnrichVideo - Finance is complex and boring! EnrichVideo makes it simple and interesting with personalized and interactive videos. We work with top banks & WM firms in Asia to help them engage with their valuable clients.
Wipei - Wipei is the first Buy Now Pay Later solution for cross-border purchases in LATAM.
SolidBlock - SolidBlock transforms illiquid assets into tradable financial products, which are easy to buy and sell, collateralize for securing loans, and combine into structured products
Physis Investment - Physis leverages data to help investors track, measure and understand the impact of their portfolio.
Kiddie Kredit - Kiddie Kredit is a mobile chore tracking app that teaches kids about credit

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