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Breakthrough Growth for Omnichannel Brands
Procter & Gamble
Closed: Submissions closed on 2/4/2021
Program/Special Project initiative

Business Background
Over the past decade, a new breed of natively born DTC brands (Casper, Glossier, Warby Parker etc.) expanded into multichannel commerce, forging breakthrough business models disrupting categories across CPG and beyond, moving the industry into the future of commerce. The multi-channel approach (including e-commerce and DTC) and rapid consumer adoption has accelerated consumers’ expectations of brands, their products, and their supply chains as technology has continued to evolve. This shift has redefined supply chain and last mile delivery, made traditional acquisition and attribution models obsolete, and opened the door to hybrid and new go-to-market approaches.

Business Challenge:
Many modern brands are re-inventing themselves into a more integrated future to answer the question: What does it take to win in omnichannel? Key questions remain: How can brands continue to innovate to create an omnichannel strategy that will enable them to unlock new user growth and loyalty? How can Omni Brands create and distribute content to build stronger relationships with consumers? How can brands have more efficient supply chains?

P&G brands playing in multi-channel (Olay, Gillette OnDemand, Native, Nature Best, First Aid Beauty, This is L, etc.) are looking for new emerging solutions in the areas of:
● New GTM Models & Alternative Retail Channels: How might Omni Brands activate across emerging channels to attract new users and grow?
● Product Supply: How might brands reduce the manual processes of delivering our products to consumers?
● Data Collection: How might brands use different touch points (as on-pack) to capture first party data?
● Creative, Engaging Content: How might Omni Brands build deeper relationships with new users through creative content in an evolving, fragmented digital environment?
● Growth Hacking 2.0 / Attribution Models / Customer Retention Costs: How might brands leverage breakthrough attribution models to optimize Path to Purchase?

ROI expectations

The Ask:
If you have a solution to partner with us, please submit a summary of your solution, approach and/or technologies that can help empower responsible consumption. Please indicate how you would propose pilot testing your solution. We look forward to partnering with you. All ideas and submissions will be fully reviewed.

Relevant technologies and services may include, but are not limited to:
• Social Selling and Livestream Commerce
• Influencer Selling, Virtual Influencers
• Growth Hacking Amazon
• New Marketplaces
• Online to Offline
• Referral Marketing / Word of Mouth
• Future of Retargeting
• User Generated Content
• Web/Funnel/Attribution Analytics
• Affiliate Marketing
• Personalization / Behavioral Targeting
• Guided / Consultative Selling
• Consumer Data Platforms
• Supply Chain Analytics & Forecasting
• Supply Chain delivery /Darkstores/Microfulfillment
• KOL: New Channels (i.e. Podcasts / eSports)
• KOL: DTC Metrics That Matter
• KOL: Modern Growth Hacking

Search keywords
growth, referral marketing, supply chain analytics, cpg

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