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Innovation Challenge: AI Technologies for Digital Expert Advisors
Procter & Gamble
Closed: Submissions closed on 2/4/2021
Program/Special Project initiative

Business Background
P&G is focused on designing irresistibly superior products for our global consumers. Our hypothesis is that our consumers are increasingly willing to buy products that deliver delightful consumer experiences and superior outcomes. Today consumers use smart devices (e.g. smart phones, voice assistants and smart watches) and web information sources (e.g. Google) to map available products to their desired needs in ways that are inefficient and time consuming.

With the advancements of AI algorithms, sensors, AR/VR and ubiquitous connectivity, we envision a near future world where digital advisors powered by AI will be able to sense and respond to consumer goals and needs in a much more seamless and personalized manner. We anticipate a world in which our world-class category expertise (both technical and human) will be
available at the fingertips of our consumers to drive irresistible experiences & outcomes.

ROI expectations

Business Challenge
We are looking for potential partners and capabilities to raise the bar on our industry-leading advisors (e.g. Olay Skin Advisor) to amplify their impact beyond product selection to achieve irresistible experiences and outcomes.

We are looking for proposals on unique solutions, technologies, technology building blocks and services to drive more engaging consumer experiences that elevates in use delight and product recommendations via conversational AI technologies that
1) enable natural, empathetic, long form conversations; and
2) enable productivity amplification of hybrid systems (algorithms backed with human experts) by optimizing the use of human workforce and progressively increasing automation.

Areas Out of Scope
• We are NOT interested in broad Conversational AI frameworks that do not have a PoD AI component
• We are NOT interested in call-center solutions as human backends to AI algorithms
• We are NOT interested in general purpose tools that measure data quality (e.g. bias, fairness) or libraries that package well known data augmentation algorithms

The Ask:
If you have a solution to partner with us, please submit a summary of your solution, approach and/or technologies that can enable the “AI Technologies for Digital Expert Advisors” via our open innovation portal in section

Please indicate how you would propose pilot testing your solution. We look forward to partnering with you. All ideas and submissions will be fully reviewed. Please note that only non-confidential information can be accepted for review.

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