Bricleir | Open Call for B2C Service Partnerships in Auto, Mobility,
Open Call for B2C Service Partnerships in Auto, Mobility, Insurance, etc.
A3 Ventures (AAA)
Closed: Submissions closed on 4/15/2021
Partnership initiative

We're looking to partner with B2C startups and services in auto, mobility, insurance, etc. For example, what services support convenient car buying and car ownership.

ROI expectations

We're hoping to creatively support our efforts around customer satisfaction.

Search keywords
auto, mobility, transportation, insurance, b2c
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Community Comments

Mobility, Autonomy, AI - about 1 year ago
Amazon's in-car Alexa platform seems ripe to deliver innovation here. Another one I could see delivering tangible benefit is IFTTT, coupling the on-board telematics with internet-based triggers. For instance, sending a mobile coupon for Jiffy Lube to your phone when the oil life is less than 20% and you're within a geofence of Jiffy Lube. I'm sure JL would pony-up for this.

How about using something like this to have motorists opt-in to telematic data aggregation and sharing with AAA? The amount of data they could generate and mine to glean insights into driving behaviors and hardware / software combinations, potential faults, etc. would be staggering. All in exchange for a small discount on car insurance to participants.
about 1 year ago
Thank you, Marc! These are good ideas.