Bricleir | Searching for P&C or Specialty Insurance Providers
Searching for P&C or Specialty Insurance Providers
Large Enterprise/Fortune 500/Global 2000, Travel and tourism
Closed: Submissions closed on 4/15/2021
Partnership initiative

We're evaluating small/mid-size P&C or specialty insurance providers that focus on commercial, small business, auto, home, etc.  

Insurance Book Size: $500k - $5 million

Some additional qualifying questions that would be helpful in your suggestion or application: 

1) What type of insurance are you providing?
2) How much of your revenue comes from the US, and specifically the West Coast of the US?
3) Would you be willing to discuss a sale of only their USA accounts?

ROI expectations

Insurance providers can be based virtually or physically. Startups welcome to apply.

Search keywords
insurance, auto, home, commercial, SME, small business
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