Bricleir | Solution Search: Increased Internal Employee Security
Solution Search: Increased Internal Employee Security
Large Enterprise/Fortune 500/Global 2000, Retail
Closed: Submissions closed on 5/30/2021
Partnership initiative

Example Use Case: 
Internal employees, e.g. call center employees, are able to use their personal devices to log onto social media sites and post sensitive information about the company. How do we quickly identify the original poster and control the situation?  Perhaps identify patterns in text/keystroke monitoring or other ways? In a time where internal operations are increasingly remote, how has that complicated the situation, and what can be done about it?

ROI expectations

We'd like to learn about and potentially partner with established or startup solutions that will help us increase our security when it comes to internal employees and the handling of sensitive information.

Search keywords
call center, security, employee, best practices, support, internal
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