Bricleir | Unmet Need: "Driving Responsible and Lasting Behavior
Unmet Need: "Driving Responsible and Lasting Behavior Change"
Procter & Gamble
Closed: Submissions closed on 3/25/2021
Partnership initiative

Business Background 

For over 180 years, P&G has found small but meaningful ways to improve lives through our products. In today’s market, the world continues to change and so does the role of our brands in society. Consumers expect brands to meet performance expectations while also solving some of the social and environmental challenges facing our world. We want P&G Brands to be a force for change, and make social impact and sustainability an integral part of their strategy and consumer experience. 

By the year 2030, P&G aims to have 100% of our lead brands empowering, enabling and inspiring responsible consumption, having a measurable, long-term positive impact on society. 

Business Challenge: 

We, as consumers, are on autopilot most of the time. In other words, 95% of the time we make good enough decisions that feel right, as fast as possible, with the least possible effort. Only 5% are conscious decisions and processing. Some of the barriers to adopting new, behaviors include: too much effort/inconvenience, detachment from the issue, belief that their individual actions will not make an impact, product related barriers (performance/aesthetic tradeoffs/usage experience), or lack of trust in the brand as messenger. 

How can P&G’s brands empower consumers to overcome these barriers and adopt and keep new behaviors effortlessly without any trade offs? How can we instill meaningful and lasting behavior change while consumers are using our products? 

P&G is looking for new technology-enabled solutions, services and business models that incentivize and drive lasting behavior change. Specifically, we are looking for solutions that can help us deliver in 5 key areas: 

  • Social Proof: When people learn or observe what others do, or have done in similar situations, their behavior is automatically influenced 

  • Easy Steps: Very often people are overwhelmed by the social and environmental challenges facing the world and do not know what to do or where to start. 

  • Reward: People are motivated by understanding “what is in it for me” and the feeling of reward they get from it. 

  • Visibility: Particularly in the area of more sustainable lifestyles the impact of the desired behavior change is often not visible and therefore more difficult to understand. 

  • Emotion: People remember and respond to incidents that trigger emotions. Positive emotions such as hope and pride are strong triggers. 

ROI expectations

The Ask:
If you have a solution to partner with us, please submit a summary of your solution, approach and/or technologies that can help empower responsible consumption. Please indicate how you would propose pilot testing your solution. We look forward to partnering with you. All ideas and submissions will be fully reviewed.

Relevant technologies and services may include, but are not limited to:
• Digital Advisors & Virtual Coaches
• Interactive / immersive storytelling to drive education & awareness, including AR/VR.
• Influencers and brand advocates to build trust and authenticity
• User Generated Content
• Behavioral science / cognitive behavioral
• Digital Communities & Content
• Gamification techniques
• Habit tracking apps
• UI/UX Design / Human Centered Design / user retention techniques
• Relevant techniques from other industries such as health and wellness habit formation,
therapy tools
• Visualization and tracking tools – how to make the impact visible medication adherence, and digital therapeutics

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