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Early-stage founders and investors, get featured on a partner podcast!

Author: Bricleir
Closed on February 28, 2021
Network Request Description
We have partnered with a newer podcast focused on sitting down with founders or investors who can share their story of building a product that customers can't live without, or explain how/here to find & close investors.

The weekly podcast with fresh takes from venture-backed startup founders and investors who are building great products. Check sizes or the current round of funding must be Seed or Series A.

The podcast's pledge? They'll never interview: 1.) A unicorn "startup" 2.) A VC with an office on Sand Hill Road

Interested? Apply to this request and we'll put you in touch with the host. Or you can comment about someone below who might be interested and we'll follow up. 

Request Type: Intro Request

Status: Closed - Feb 28, 2021


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