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Autonomous Cars

Author: PivotNorth
Published on May 20, 2019 , updated on September 18, 2020

Many folks are asking about when autonomous cars will be here and what the implications are.  While I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to how fast new technologies will deploy, in the case of AVs I think it will be faster than most think.

I see Tesla having an early lead.  Their neural net chip is now in production which is a huge step.  They have about 12-15 months of training to do on it and then will be ready.  I think their business model radically shifts when this launches:
- $300 subscription for access to a car
- you hail it like a lyft, it comes to you empty, you get in to the drivers seat and drive where you want to go
- at your destination you get out and the car goes empty to the next requestor
I think this is the use case that launches first as it is the easiest and most valuable.  The average American gets the equivalent of a 20 percent raise vs car ownership.  Tesla makes $3k per car per month as they can have 10 subscribers per car.   All cars sold or leased from April 2019 until this is launched will be able to get an over the air update and be put into the robotaxi network.  So Tesla will be able to have a critical mass of supply st launch.

Exciting times in the not too distant future 


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