Bricleir | Darkstore

Darkstore's Product Offering
Positioning Statement
Darkstore offers a platform for same-day delivery for e-commerce sites.
Product Description
Darkstore is a platform of urban fulfillment centers that enables brands to launch same-day delivery. Our two part mission is to enable brands to be direct-to-consumer and drive revenue back into cities in the form of rent and taxes. We empower brands to enhance their direct-to-consumer presence by offering a cutting-edge delivery solution at a historically impossible cost. Darkstore’s solution dramatically improves conversion rates and reduces customer acquisition costs for our brand partners.
Logistics, Operations, Sales
Industries served
Clothing and apparel, Community and lifestyle, Consumer electronics, Internet services, Logistics
Customer types
Fortune 500, Mid-size Business (companies with 501+ employees), Small Business (companies with 2-500 employees)
Business initiatives
Increase revenue, Manage cost, Diversify and grow revenue streams, Reliable products/services, Best service, Differentiate the product, Grow percentage of sales from new products, Improve customer service, Improve customer satisfaction, Reduce cost by a certain amount annually
Team Members
Neil Kamath, Grant Horst, Lee Hnetinka