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Early-stage capital for extraordinary founders based in Palo Alto, CA.

PivotNorth as a Customer
Venture capital
Company type
Small Business (companies with 2-500 employees)
Products interested in
Administrative, Community, Consulting, Data and Analytics, Event Planning, Finance (accounting, expenses, invoicing), Human Resources (insurance, employee management, recruitment, taxes), Insurance, IT, Legal, Marketing, Office Management, Operations, Project Management, Sales
Initiatives served
Improve customer satisfaction, Develop and use a customer database, Improve reporting and transparency, Create a performance-focused culture, Increase revenue, Manage cost, Diversify and grow revenue streams, Reliable products/services, Best service, Differentiate the product, Grow percentage of sales from new products, Improve customer service, Reduce cost by a certain amount annually, Cross-sell more products
Team Members
Tim Connors
Tim Connors:
Investment portfolio