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VMS is a service company that provides individualized Venture Capital & Private Equity accounting services provided by experienced people supported by an integrated technology platform.

VMS assists fund management by monitoring and supplying best practices and benchmarks for financial reporting, valuation and other administrative, financial and business operations of the Fund and then helping tailor and implementing a solution customized just for them.

Fund managers receive the benefits of an experienced team with backgrounds as investment GPs and CFOs of Funds, CPAs and, fund administrators.

VMS acts as “your CFO” or as the staff assisting your CFO. This allows Fund managers to devote their time to investment and deal management and not back office operations. This allows Fund CFOs to have the best available staff reporting to them.

Although VMS has an integrated technology platform, we provide this service not just with technology and software but with people, partnerships with industry leaders, process, data and technology.

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