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WhoKnows's Product Offering
Positioning Statement
WhoKnows help companies automatically derive expertise and professional relationships for every employee.
Product Description
WhoKnows is an expertise discovery platform offering API plugins and built-in connectors for Sharepoint, Yammer, Chatter and more.
Human Resources (insurance, employee management, recruitment, taxes), Marketing, Sales
Industries served
Administrative services, Advertising, Agriculture and farming, Apps, Artificial intelligence, Biotechnology, Clothing and apparel, Community and lifestyle, Construction, Consulting, Consumer electronics, Consumer goods, Content and publishing, Data and analytics, Design, Education, Energy, Events, Financial services, Food and beverage, Gaming, Government and military, Hardware, Health care, Information technology, Internet services, Lending and investments, Manufacturing, Media and entertainment, Messaging and telecommunications, Mobile, Music and audio, Natural resources, Navigation and mapping, Non-Profit/Religious, Payments, Platforms, Privacy and security, Professional services, Real estate, Sales and marketing, Science and engineering, Software, Sports, Sustainability, Transportation, Travel and tourism, Venture capital, Video
Customer types
fortune_500, Mid-size Business (companies with 501+ employees), Small Business (companies with 2-500 employees), Startup (new companies with 2-500 employees)
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Fortune 500 Verified
WhoKnows as a Customer
Information technology
Company type
Startup (new companies with 2-500 employees)
Products interested in
Data and Analytics, Marketing, Sales
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